Kiwibeak - privacy + individual security matters
since 2004

Respecting individuals' privacy and the open web, because we are powered by like-minded individuals with no ulterior motives.

Support the open web by using and giving patronage to the many independent web operators that still remain on the world wide web, especially those with pro-privacy and open web policies. You can simply set any Kiwibeak theme as your personal homepage through your browser's settings menu. For specific directions, see instructions in a section further down this page.

Kiwibeak has been online as far back as 2004 offering simple homepage resources that takes into consideration your privacy and security as opposed to the majority of other websites, services and social networks that aggressively implement cross-tracking, surveillance and data-harvesting.
Trusted, secure online homepages since 2004.

Kiwi themes:

CHOOSE A HOMEPAGE THEME Choose a Theme: Colors
  • Lagoon Moon
    Lagoon Moon
  • Blue & Gray
    Blue & Gray
  • Chrome Yellow
    Chrome Yellow
  • Broadway Pink
    Broadway Pink
  • Graphite
  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue
  • Electrochre
  • Adobe
  • Gradual Blue
    Gradual Blue
  • Gradual Zuchinni
    Gradual Zuchinni
  • Gradual Golden Green
    Gradual Golden Green
  • Kiwi Brown
    Kiwi Brown
  • OS 1
    OS 1
  • OS 2
    OS 2
  • Shoe Polish
    Shoe Polish
  • Studio Amber
    Studio Amber
  • Studio Azure
    Studio Azure
  • Studio Beige
    Studio Beige
  • Studio Black
    Studio Black
  • Studio Blue
    Studio Blue
  • Studio Brown
    Studio Brown
  • Studio Burgundy
    Studio Burgundy
  • Studio Cerise
    Studio Cerise
  • Studio Chartreuse
    Studio Chartreuse
  • Studio Coral
    Studio Coral
  • Studio Crimson
    Studio Crimson
  • Studio Ecru
    Studio Ecru
  • Studio Flesh
    Studio Flesh
  • Studio Fuschia
    Studio Fuschia
  • Studio Gold
    Studio Gold
  • Studio Green
    Studio Green
  • Studio Grey
    Studio Grey
  • Studio Hazel
    Studio Hazel
  • Studio Lavender
    Studio Lavender
  • Studio Magenta
    Studio Magenta
  • Studio Maroon
    Studio Maroon
  • Studio Mauve
    Studio Mauve
  • Studio Muddy
    Studio Muddy
  • Studio Nutria
    Studio Nurtria
  • Studio Olive
    Studio Olive
  • Studio Orange
    Studio Orange
  • Studio Prussian Blue
    Studio Prussian Blue
  • Studio Puce
    Studio Puce
  • Studio Purple
    Studio Purple
  • Studio Rosey
    Studio Rosey
  • Studio Russet
    Studio Russet
  • Studio Sapphire
    Studio Sapphire
  • Studio Sepia
    Studio Sepia
  • Studio Turqoise
    Studio Turqoise
  • Studio White
    Studio White
  • Studio Yellow
    Studio Yellow
  • Red, Green, and Gold
    Red, Green, and Gold
  • Brownmoderne
  • Cinnamon
  • Cinnapumpkin
  • Daredevil
  • Ginger
  • Grapefad
  • Haute Chocolat
    Haute Chocolat
  • Haute Melon
    Haute Melon Choose a Theme: Patterns
  • greyspace
  • Executive Marble
    Executive Marble
  • shattered-island
  • little-pluses
    little pluses
  • wildsea
  • dark-geometric
    dark geometric
  • isometropolis
  • Woody
  • black-lozenge
    black lozenge
  • spt
  • retro-furnish
  • Soft Grid
    Soft Grid
  • ep-natural-black
    ep natural black
  • squairy-light
    squairy light
  • dark wood
    dark wood
  • hoffman
  • classy-fabric
    classy fabric
  • black-mamba
    black mamba
  • Cool Graphpaper
  • pyramid-white
    pyramid white
  • Bentinck Hotel
    Bentinck Hotel
  • Ebonwood
  • dark-mosaic
    dark mosaic
  • diagonales-decalees
    diagonales decalées
  • Chocolate Diamond
    Chocolate Diamond
  • diagonal-striped-brick
    diagonal striped brick
  • inflicted
  • fake-brick
    fake brick
  • ravenna
  • real-cf
    real cf
  • retina-wood
    retina wood
  • science
  • struck-axiom
    struck axiom
  • skeletal-weave
    skeletal weave
  • triangles
  • type
  • vintage-sunday
    vintage sunday
  • Violet Fabrik
    Violet Fabrik
  • Raspberry Lace
    Raspberry Lace
  • Digital Silk
    Digital Silk
  • Warm Deco
    Warm Deco
  • Brownstone
  • Claystone
  • Armored
  • Elephant
  • Bit Tile Blue
    Bit Tile Blue
  • Neu Thatch
    Neu Thatch
  • Subtle Wood
    Subtle Wood
  • Sand Blossom
    Sand Blossom
  • Pigs Will Fly
    Pigs Will Fly
  • Brijan
  • Cool Deco
    Cool Deco
  • Yius
  • Nebula Reds
    Nebula Reds
  • Accidentals
  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants
  • Old Stripe
    Old Stripe
  • Old Vault
    Old Vault
  • Brickwall
  • Tobacco Sunburst
    Tobacco Sunburst
  • Marty
  • Blueprint
  • Olive Branches
    Olive Branches
  • Green Grape
    Green Grape
  • Muff
  • asteroids
  • Cabin
  • Dark Tile
    Dark Tile
  • Light Tile
    Light Tile
  • parker
  • Red Invaders
    Red Invaders
  • The Keymaster
    The Keymaster
  • pool-table
    pool table
  • Dark Square
    Dark Square
  • Lava Rock
    Lava Rock
  • Purple Pyramid
    Purple Pyramid
  • Berry Swirl
    Berry Swirl
  • Giza
  • Circuit Board
    Circuit Board
  • Tapestry
  • Native Paisley
    Native Paisley
  • Goldweaver
  • Peregrin's Parlour
    Peregrin's Parlour
  • Zentropa
  • Brown Carpet
    Brown Carpet
  • Space X-24
    Space X-24
  • Slatestone
  • Greenstone
  • Maxwells Blue
    Maxwells Blue
  • Black Canvas
    Black Canvas
  • Dark Forest
    Dark Forest
  • kale-salad
  • Mural 55
    Mural 55
  • Kilroy
  • Street Steel
    Street Steel
  • Wolflord
  • PCB
  • special-delivery
  • Guglieri Speciale
    Guglieri Speciale
  • Deep Water Blues
    Deep Water Blues
  • Copper Clouds
    Copper Clouds
  • junkmail
    junkmail Choose a Theme: Images
  • Space
  • Elizabeth & Jane
    Elizabeth & Jane
  • Factories Kb
    Factories Kb
  • Millais
  • Chateau de Chillon
    Chateau de Chillon
  • Lochs
  • Big Juice
    Big Juice
  • Courbet-in-Rothko
  • Courbet-in-Mirror
  • Time Machine
    Time Machine
  • Egyptology
  • Forest Path
    Forest Path
  • Harlow
  • Big Shoe
    Big Shoe
  • Watchdog
  • Upstream
  • Shunned House
    Shunned House
  • Villas by the Sea
    Villas by the Sea
  • Crows
  • Migrate
  • Dun Aengus
    Dun Aengus
  • Tanglewood Tales
    Tanglewood Tales
  • Saadi's Blue Garden
    Saadi's Blue Garden
  • Vallotton Scapes
    Vallotton Scapes
  • Tempel des Herakles
    Tempel des Herakles
  • Kiwi-For-Homepage
  • Lovelorn
  • Moon Control
    Moon Control
  • McHale's Meteor
    McHale's Meteor
  • Digital Zone!
    Digital Zone Choose a Theme: Stats
  • lochs
  • space
  • upstream
  • gradualblue
  • egyptology
  • deepwaterblues
  • kiwi-for-homepage
  • slatestone
  • sand-blossom
  • courbet-in-mirror
  • lagoonmoon
  • dun-aengus
  • blueprint
  • inflicted
  • broadwaypink
  • bluegray
  • tanglewoodtales
  • gradualzuchinni
  • asteroids
  • greenstone
  • blue
  • lovelorn
  • executivemarble
  • bigjuice
  • studio-azure
  • elizabeth-and-jane
  • harlow
  • chromeyellow
  • guglieri-speciale
  • graphite
  • chateau-de-chillon
  • shoepolish
  • retro-furnish
  • oldstripe
  • studio-blue
  • studio-flesh
  • warmdeco
  • bentinckhotel
  • studio-ecru
  • adobe Choose a Theme: Stats

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Anonymous and Secure Browser Homepages

Kiwibeak homepages are truly private and safe. Virtually every other homepage out there is built on an application platform that tracks, records and stores your browsing habits either with or without registration, often collecting and logging your private and personal information.

Kiwibeak homepages do not collect and store such information nor utilize databases or cookies to track user info other than simple geo and browser/os version data. In fact, all Kiwibeak homepages are simply basic webpages designed to protect user privacy and safety offering truly free and anonymous spyware-free internet homepages.

Each homepage is part of a light and practical network that does not add to your data trail and there is no account to be compromised.

Origin of the name - Kiwibeak

1. The name was inspired by a good friend of mine while we were clerks at a mom & pop magazine/newstand shop during the early days of the internet. It is a long, strange story but he was a really smart guy, former history teacher who has coined many uncommon and rare terms. R.I.P. Chris 2016. When I first launched onto the world wide web, on impulse I thought of it, referred to 'Point #2' (following) and like a Kiwi and after sniffing around in the dark, just ran with it.
2. I originally saw the site as a type of bird-and-beak analogy related, now obtusely and obscured, to the purpose of online surfing and data pointing (alternative to searching). To say my ambitions were lofty or 'in the clouds' is the understatement of the millenium. But mainly, I wanted to make sure there was a homepage site out there that was protective of the common user and grounded. REFERENCE: AS RELATING TO THE MAORI LEGEND OF THE KIWI.

The Hatching

The site after its early years began focusing more on individual homepages and soon morphed out of its hybrid homepage-slash-curated web directory shell. The rise of social media use and mass corporatization of the web drastically under cut non-corporatized data and serious independent data-focused sites.

The grown entity known as Kiwibeak was forced to switch and adapt its focus solely on homepages, where it will stay, obscure but immortal in the ages as the world's first privacy focused homepage(s) site.


beak men·tal·i·ty the state of being conscious or aware, responsible in relation to online privacy and security; seperated from or most importantly immune to negative effects of desensitization, indoctrination or consequences of status quo media, data-harvesting and manipulation regarding online platforms, media and services.

Privacy and Security

Kiwibeak homepages are simple non-database driven and designed basic webpages helping to break the tracking chain. Beyond the ISP-level, privacy and security are relative to the apps, tools and use of websites on the internet and mobile devices. MANY sites try to also track and follow your habits, including most popular networks and homepages.

You can feel safe booting up your browser with Kiwibeak. Our simple, minimal AND browser-privacy respected "opt-out" geo-stats exist for purposes to reflect a world-wide user-base of solidarity and symbolism of 'breaking the chain' that collectively may even serve to confuse others' aggressive cross-tracking attempts.

Independent & Open Internet

We collectively support an open, private and secure web where information and navigation are not controlled and monitored by agenda or marketing-based interests. Kiwibeak offers simple and minimal homepages that you can use on your devices instead of a blank page with some general links, data and toolset. It uses an non-invasive html foundation.

Set a Kiwibeak homepage as your privacy startpage today!

Choose from plenty of unique graphic themes! Trusted, secure online homepages since 2005. The originator not the imitator of full-screen, themed homepages. Plus the only homepage of its kind that actually offers itself free and private with no strings. Privacy is relative to web activity, use the Kiwibeak family of great browser homepages and join the noble herd.

Setting your homepage via browser

For some 'odd' reason different browser vendors keep occassionally change the menus where you can locate the option and fields to specify what url or web address or page to set your browser homepage. It is usually located under one of the following browser application's menu names: "Settings"; "Edit"; "Options"; "Tools."



  • 'Edit' (drop-down menu)
  • 'Preferences' > 'General' (tab)


  • '...' (icon button, drop-down menu)
  • 'Settings' > 'On Startup' (section)

All browsers are different and do change with updates, so just make sure to look around, explore and take control. Note: Also advised is to always make sure to set your desired privacy and data retention settings as well.

Suggestion Box

If you would like to contribute suggestions, opinions or potential useful links for the directories, the current email is available:

contact-us [at] [kiwibeak] .com

Help Support Kiwibeak

User requirements:

  • A contemporary web browser that can parse:
  • SSL (secure socket layer/connection, https).
  • Javascript (dependency) implemented for feeds and features.
  • Also, it's a good idea to have a browser that has:
  • No data collection and privacy/tracking controls that work.
  • Be wary of others that claim privacy and security but do not.